Green Impact Student Homes (GISH) is a brand new NUS SGF funded project, working to create warmer, cheaper to run & more sustainable student housing in Sheffield!

Green Homes Champions

We’ve recruited 17 awesome students as Green Homes Champions. They’ll be visiting student houses in pairs to give other students friendly, helpful advice about how to bring down your energy bills and be warmer for less!

We had a full house for the first session on Monday 20th October, which Sharon and Shelly from SYEC (South Yorkshire Energy Centre – our local charity who provides advice on a wide range of issues to do with energy efficiency in housing). It’s rare that everybody turns up so it shows how eager the Green Homes Champions are.


Look at everyone concentrating super hard!

Except for Jeremy waving the peace sign at me 🙂

They’ll all be attending another session to build up their knowledge before they pull together what they’ve learnt and practise at a ‘home visit’ skills session. By that time, they’ll be ready to be unleashed onto the student population!

If you’re a University of Sheffield student and want advice on practical things you can do at home to bring down your energy bills, then simply email Kiran at to book yourself a free, impartial advice visit with a pair of our friendly Green Homes Champions.

green house

What do you have to do to be a winner?

Rachel, Samantha and Emma were the very first winners of the GISH student competition… well done ladies; it certainly was a valiant effort.

In this short video shot by our intern, Eliza, you can see what they got up to. In case you were thinking they had some sort of super green powers from chomping lentils and wearing flowers in their hair, then you’re wrong. They’re just like me and you! 

Could you be the next GISH winners?? It’s not as hard as you might think.. Sign up by sending an email to it’s that easy!

Now recruiting…


We are now recruiting for the 2014-15 academic year. Spaces are limited so if you are interested, please get in touch as soon as possible. 

The first year of Green Impact Student Homes (GISH) has been a great success. We beat our target of 30 properties by 40%, with 42 properties taking part and 53 workbook submissions. 

All GISH rated properties will receive preferential advertising on the new propertywithUS Studentpad site.

If you don’t already know, Green Impact Student Homes is an environmental rating scheme. Participating properties can achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold status depending on the environmental features their properties have. We want to recognise and celebrate the effort landlords are already making, support landlords to make improvements and make it easier for tenants to differentiate between properties.
Interested? Click this link to register your interest or to come to a Q&A session: Q&A session registration.

If you have any questions, please check to see if it’s been answered in our FAQ list, or email Kiran at

Congratulations Everyone!

Congratulations Everyone!

A massive well done and congratulations to everybody who took part this year. The pilot has been a smashing success and everybody has done their bit to reduce carbon emissions and help the environment.. so hope you’re all feeling lovely and fuzzy inside!

Last week, the Green Impact Sustainability Showcase celebrated the great work students and landlords have done this year to ‘green’ student housing. 42 properties took part in the pilot of the Green Impact Student Homes project, completing 53 workbooks, which saw students and landlords working together positively.

The properties competed for the title of ‘Best Landlord’ and ‘Best Student House,’ winning ÂŁ5000 for green property improvements and a month’s rent respectively. The winning house worked collaboratively to really green their house.

Students and landlords won lots of different prizes in recognition of the fantastic changes they made (see results below). Landlords focussed on greening the physical features of the properties (eg lighting, double glazing, insulation, etc) and students greened their behaviours at home (eg switching off appliances, reducing food waste, using sustainable transport etc).

The competition was really close with lots of students and landlords making a tremendous effort. The best house awards went to the houses with the highest number of points in each category. The other awards recognised the different ways students and landlords helped the environment.

Green Impact Student Homes is funded by the Students’ Green Fund and aims to improve student housing and teach students money-saving sustainability tips they can carry with them long after they graduate.

Participating landlords will gain Green Impact accreditation which helps students looking for their next house see which properties have green features. The Green Impact properties are more likely to be warmer, cheaper to run and more sustainable! So look out for the bronze, silver or gold accreditation at propertywithUS to help you decide which property to go for.

The Sustainability Showcase joined forces with the Green Impact team at the university and students’ union to recognise and celebrate the achievements of all staff, students and landlords who’ve been taking action against climate change. Together these individual actions add up to make an amazing difference – so a huge well done to everyone involved!

For more information about Green Impact Student Homes or to compete next year, fill your details in here! Don’t miss out on your chance to save money, improve your accommodation and win prizes!


Best Gold Student House Award
Winners: Samantha Creed, Emma Wand, Rachel Wearing

Best Gold House Award (Landlords)
Winner: John Myers from Armada Properties


Green Champion Award
Winner: Katherine Oxley

Best ‘Working Towards’ House
Winners: Adam Sheratt, Jamie Brown, Tom Reece, Luke Boswell, Alex Doey

Seen the Green Light’ Award
Winners: Lucia Medina Huerta, Alicja Niewczas, Medo Abulafi

Best Bronze House
Winners: Saqib Haroon Moosa, Mohamed Marei

Best Latecomer Award
Winners: Abigail Legge, Naomi Cox, Rob Surgenor, Alex Milligan

Best Silver House
Winners: Azeeza Ismail, Rabia Sultan, Fazeela Khan, Rasha Elghaba

Green Team Spirit Award
Winners: Matt Fleming, Magdalen Wiley, Dave Atherton, Sarah Gregory, Samuel Wilcocks, Josephine MacPhail

Deep Green Award
Winners: Liam Hardy, Jamie Risner, Paul Elliott, Joe MacMahon, Michael Waller

Green Team – Collaboration Award
Winners: Rachel Wearing, Samantha Creed, Emma Wand

Innovative Green Thinking Award
Winners: Ross Jordan, Matt Pearson, Tom Walker, Russell Hunnybun, Edward Mullin


Best Bronze House Award
Winner: Jo Wall

Commitment to Silver Award
Winners: WH properties

Consistent Excellence Award
Winners: Richard & Joanne Pickering

Deep Green Award
Winner: Jane Kotke

Best Collaboration Award

Winner: John Myers

Midas Touch Award
Winner: Carole Barnes


Overall Accreditations:


Working Towards:

House 1: Nora O’Dowd

House 2: Adam Sheratt, Jamie Brown, Tom Reece, Luke Boswell, Alex Doey

House 3: Francesca McPherson


House 1: Katie Bullivant, Hannah Bullivant, Sarah Boyle, Toby Varian

House 2: Mohamed Marei, Saqib Haroon Moosa


House 1: Katherine Oxley

House 2: Azeeza Ismail, Rabia Sultan Abbasi, Fazeela Khan, Rasha Elghaba


House 1: Michael Waller, Joe MacMahon, Paul Elliott, Jamie Risner, Liam Hardy

House 2: Laura Fensterheim, Samantha Fielding, Lucy Amos, Rebecca O’Keeffe

House 3: Matt Fleming, Magdalen Wiley, Dave Atherton, Sarah Gregory, Samuel Wilcocks, Josephine MacPhail

House 4: Alex Milligan, Rob Surgenor, Naomi Cox, Abigail Legge

House 5: Emma Wand, Samantha Creed, Rachel Wearing

House 6: Medo Abulafi, Alicja Niewczas, Lucia Medina Huerta

House 7: Edward Mullin, Russell Hunnybun, Tom Walker, Matt Pearson, Ross Jordan




Mr  Sarangi – 13 Holberry Close, 21 Holberry Close

Angela Peel -3 Wiseton Road

Jo Wall – 35 Barber Road

Krysia Zajac – 4 Beehive Road

Richard & Joanne Pickering  – 41 Crookes Road

George Lee – 72 Slinn Street

WH Properties  – 76 Sydney Road, 6 Warwick Terrace


Armada Properties – 15 Blakeney Road, 20 Clementson Road, 21 Rosa Road, 44 Newbould Lane, 50 Spooner Road, 53 Bower Road, 557 Crookesmoor Road, Flat 2, 34 Elmore Road

Jane Kotke – 36a Barber Road, 54a Barber Road, 58 Bower Road

Richard & Joanne Pickering – 102 Harcourt Road, 39a, 39b, and 39c Crookes Road, Flat 1&2, 102A Harcourt Road

WH Properties – 31 Barber Place, 11 Bates Street, 140 Cobden View Road, 80 Sydney Road, 97 Heavygate Road


Armada Properties – 56 Spooner Road, 130 Crookesmoor Road, 33 Conduit Road

Carole Barnes –  496 Crookesmoor Road, 29 Ramsey Road, 31 Ramsey Road

Jane Kotke – 56a Barber Road

WH Properties – 46 Hands Road

Utopia – DVD – Sustainability Library Review

utopia - film


Hi there,

My name is Natalia, I’m a student from Spain, and I’m doing a MSc in Wireless Communication Systems at the University of Sheffield. Sustainability always grabbed my attention, but I never have too much time to do something really serious, so I’m very happy to be volunteering for this project! The first item that I picked to review was the movie “Utopia”.

The film is in a documentary style and it had a total impact on me. I really liked it because I founded it very interesting, and I learnt lots of things. It was filmed in Australia and the plot is based on the way Aboriginal people live there. It also makes a comparison between the richest part of the country and this subculture. It shows all the problems that these people have to face. John Pilger, who is really, really good, tells us this story.

There are some scenes that can be really hard, but they are real, so I think it’s important that people like us, students, who have lots of chances to do something great, know that this is happening right now. I really recommend this film to all that people who want to make a change or even for those that just want to learn more about the different subcultures and problems that exist around the world. Even for History or Geography students, this could be very helpful.

I would score this documentary 8 out of 10. This is a personal opinion, since I think it would be more positive if half of the movie focused on the problem and the other half on possible solutions or ways in which we can contribute in some way.

This DVD was very kindly reviewed by Natalia Mingorance.

Borrowing this DVD or other items from the awesome Sustainability Library couldn’t be easier. See here for more details.

1000 green Karma points and thanks to our auditors!


Congratulations and a million thanks to the 33 volunteers who have given up their weekend to carry out auditing for Green Impact Student Homes (GISH)

As auditors, their role is vital in measuring the progress and achievement of the participating students and landlords who have committed to making student homes warmer, sustainable, better.

On the day, our amazing auditors will be fully equipped with Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) certified training as auditors, and will gain invaluable knowledge about sustainable living. They’ll put their skills straight into practice and will carry out audits in the afternoon.

This will also be their exclusive chance to witness the jaw-dropping transformation of our participating students, and thus have their mind blown.

Once again, we at GISH thank them for being a part of our green scheme that aims to bring about a truly positive environmental change.

We couldn’t do this without you!



ÂŁ40 Bikes!

ÂŁ40 Bikes!

50 bikes. ÂŁ40 each to UoS students only. 11.30 am, 12th March 2014. The Edge. Spread the word!


Free Breakfast

It’s Climate Week… to tempt you to leave the car at home and use alternative forms of transport Green Impact Student Homes project are giving away FREE BREAKFASTS, provided by the View Deli.. All you have to do is walk, cycle or use public transport to get to uni… Simple!

So if that’s you, come and grab yours on the concourse on Thursday 6th March between 8am-10am. If you’re taking part in GISH, this counts towards B009 so even more reason to come. We have 150 breakfasts to give away so turn up early to avoid disappointment!

Engineers Without Borders will also be around with their magical cycle powered smoothie maker so come get your day off to a great start.

The Cycle Hut is also open on Thursday 8am-2pm  so why not drop your bike off for a free check too? It’s all happening!

Awesome Ecover!

Awesome Ecover!

What a great bunch Ecover are… I asked for some samples and they got in touch pretty much straight away saying ”This sounds like a great idea! We would love to send you some samples to hand out :-)”

What excellent customer service!

The Sustainability Library is here!

Sustainability Library is here poster-01

The Green Impact Student Homes project is excited to invite you to the launch of Sheffield Students’ Union’s first Sustainability Library!

Come and grab some free tea and cake on Monday 17th February, 10am-12pm, in the Green Space, Sheffield Students’ Union and find out what awesome things you can borrow. Students and staff are welcome to borrow from our fantastic resource bank of items related to social, economic and environmental sustainability.

The Sustainability Library contains items like energy monitors, berry pickers for foraging, wind up radios/lanterns for camping, kelly kettle (powered by twigs!) for camping, battery revitaliser for non-rechargeable batteries, solar charger, paper pot maker, gardening tools and other items. There’s a range of books: cookbooks, gardening books, craft books, environmental books, and dvds: David Attenborough dvds, Bruce Parry dvds and plenty of documentaries!

Keep checking back for details of how to borrow items 🙂